Rare Souldies, Pinstripes, and our Culture...

Cruise with us every Thursday nights from 7-10pm PDT. to the "45's And Pinstripes" Dashboard Oldies Show.

Thanks for cruising with us tonight, HAFN good gente…Deltones Ltd - You Don’t Believe I Love You

From the file of lonely hearts pick me…

Love Foundation - Don’t Cry

Keep On Walking - Main Attraction

Let Me Keep On Walking - Prophesy

Fabulous Serenades - There Can Be Better Days

Little Ty & The Soul Suspension - Now that He’s Gone

The Epics - Stop To Turn Around

George Campbell And Kools Five - Get It On

I wish you’d call me…

Danny Bell - Call On Me

The last 10 rola’s from me…

The Arterials - What We Have

Gracias for the selections Camarada…

I Have No Choice - Audrey Mae Matthews

After All I’ve Been Through For You - Lorraine Rudolph

Gasho Ass Dagger homie, damn…

please think it over - the dynamics

What Am I Gonna Do - Sho-Nuff